Mountain Laurel Creative

Our Team

Life isn't easy when you're alone, and that's why Mountain Laurel Creative exists.

We are three friends who decided to join forces after each trying to survive the freelance world alone.    



Lucas Hicks

As our media mastermind and client education guru, Lucas strives to create a sustainable experience for our clients. He graduated from Appalachian State University with a degree in Electronic Media/Broadcasting and has been freelancing as a videographer for over 4 years!


Laurel Littler

As our communications champ and operations manager, Laurel seeks to create an efficient workspace for MLC to create top-notch content! She graduated from Appalachian State University with a degree in Commercial Photography and has been freelancing as a photographer/web designer for over 4 years!


Tim Hendrickson

As our visionary virtuoso, Tim explores innovative methods of implementing our skillsets at MLC. He has a passion for helping individuals and businesses reach their fullest potential. If you or your staff need help with branding, vision-casting, or identifying ways to improve interpersonal relationships, Tim is the guy to call!

We Believe In…



We believe in sustainability. Our clients' success is very important to us. After we create a product, we want to ensure that our clients are equipped and educated on what we've done.


Being practical

We believe in being practical. Time is precious and money doesn't grow on trees. MLC provides our clients with honest pricing and realistic timelines.



We believe in creativity. Our world is ever-changing and growing. New ideas get old fast! At MLC, we promise to stay creative and educated in our crafts.



We believe in teamwork: not only within our business, but with our clients as well.